Millions of Cactus Needles

I was 12 years old then this happened to me. I can not imagine what I may have learned if I had no fear ...

I grew up on a dairy farm in southern Texas.  I was 5 years old then my mother brought me to Texas to live with a new dad and his children. He had three and my mom had three and they had two more together. A very large family of 8 kids. There the summers are long and sticky and we never had air conditioning. I was a skinny little girl.and still am. Texas heat soars at 110 shade, no air movement. humid as hell. You and I ~Friend are sticky.
My stepfather whom I call Dad or Daddy was the foreman for what was at the time Knolle Farms. "The Largest All Jersey registered herd in the World"  I remember they had that logo on the main barn where the office was. They kept the bulls down there, separate to themselves. I heard that years later after the old guy passed the boys sold off their share so I figured the dairy is history. I found they made it into a a nice bed and breakfast. It is a beautiful part of the country. Especially for Texas.

 We moved 3 times during the 12 years I lived out there. Always on  FM 70. Farm houses .... Big houses 3-4  bedrooms. Not fancy just a house. miles away from any thing .... always secluded from everything. 
This house was the second house we lived in and I was 12 years old. It sat on a hill with a long driveway that stretched it's way down to the road. Alot of the time we didn't have a phone. I remember that. That house was so big that it had a formal living room and dining room that we never used. It was furnished. I remember a china cabinet. 
There was what was called a breezeway on the side of the house, it faced the driveway, you could see if someone came up the driveway. It was the coolest part of the house, so the TV was put in there and everybody stayed in there. . Little kitchen area and dining room set with a laundry and back door. We had a  huge yard. that place had a teeter totter out in the field. One of those really heavy ones. Been there a long time. 

Straight out the back door. so if you continued around the house to the driveway in back across a field was a dairy and 4-5 small houses . It sat downward quite away from the house. They had their longer driveway.
The Jones lived back there. They had nine kids. Sharon Jones and I went to school together from first grade. Knew her long time. Imagine that many kids ... we played alot of baseball that summer. In the summer time I always went barefoot. 

There was a cow path that went from the house to the barn out to those houses. About halfway up the hill is a cactus patch so big. It was about 15 feet wide and 3 feet high , very thick. Been there forever. The path went around this patch continued on there other side up the hill to the walk through gate. Which was the entry to the yard. 

One evening it got late while I was at Sharon's playing.
It was dark. I had walked back hundreds of times.
I started up the hill that night and I am on the cowpath walking alone. I am completely alone. 
The night is clear and the moon is full , I am walking along  
and I hear in a male voice ... one inch from my ear ... say my name. "Debbie"

I freak out,
I went into flight ...
Terrified ...
I took off running and ran right into that cactus bush.
I was wearing short sleeves with shorts no shoes
 and I got a million cactus needles 
and I don't know why this happened to me. 

I hit that back door screaming hystericaly for my mother ...
Covered in needles it took my mother 
and sisters hours to get them out. 
some stayed in for years afterward.
 I lost the last one some 10 years after the incident

I seek answers ...
This is one ...
Glad to be alive ...
Glad to be sharing with you ...

You have a legacy that you were born into
 that influences you until you make
conscious choices to change your destiny!
I am driven by spirit ...

~Special Blessings of Love2U ...

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